Day One: NorthStar Controller Up and Running

Patricio Giecco

Day One: NorthStar Controller Up and Running

Introduce yourself to the Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller by focusing on the discovery and visualization of IP /MPLS networks – you’ll be amazed by the centralized visibility into your entire network.

Day One: NorthStar Controller Up and Running is intended for all networking professionals working on WAN and bLAN environments that make use of IP/MPLS services. It should also be of interest to high-level technical professionals looking to understand the fundamentals of Juniper’s approach to Software Defined Networks (SDN) in MPLS transport networks.

The book introduces readers to the Juniper NorthStar Controller by focusing on the discovery and visualization of IP/MPLS networks including the ability to visualize the paths different LSPs take on the network, monitoring the status and utilization of the network in real-time, and, modeling the impact of network changes, among other use cases.

"Modern networks are increasingly in need of more sophisticated traffic-engineering services while at the same time, yet the management of even the most basic traffic engineering requires simplification. The Juniper NorthStar Controller provides the necessary tools to deliver just that! With it’s programmable and open framework, it offers Service Providers, Content Providers, and Enterprises a simple, yet sophisticated toolset to take control of their network by optimizing their existing infrastructure while driving new services.” -- Colby Barth, Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks, Inc.

  • Discover the network topology by using OSPF or IS-IS to peer with the network
  • Use BGP-LS to extract the traffic engineering database from some nodes in an IP/MPLS network
  • Configure PCEP to extract LSP information, obtain notifications and modify orprovision LSPs
  • Monitor the status of an MPLS network in real-time
  • Visualize various aspects of the network such as its topology, utilization, and path placement
  • Utilize the controller to create and modify LSPs
  • Delegate control of existing LSPs to the NorthStar Controller
About the Author -- Patricio Giecco is a Product Architect who has worked in a number of positions in the Networking industry, including Solutions Engineering, Technical Marketing, and Product Management. In his tenure at Juniper, Patricio has written many application notes, co-authored Junos Security (O’Reilly Media, 2010), and was a recipient of a Juniper Star award in 2011 and 2014.

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