Day One: vMX Up and Running

Matt Dinham

Day One: vMX Up and Running

This Day One book follows a lab setup and configuration of Juniperís vMX running on Ubuntu Linux. If you are running VMWare thereís a chapter at the end of the book to walk you through that build.

The vMX is a virtual Juniper Networks MX Series router that has been optimized to run as software on x86 servers. Like other physical MX routers, vMX runs the Junos OS, and the Trio chipset has been compiled for x86. This means the sophisticated Layer 2, Layer 2.5, and Layer 3 forwarding features of the Junos OS that work with the physical MX platform are also present on the vMX.

The vMX can be installed on any server hardware of your choice, so long as it is x86-based with an Intel Nehalem or newer generation CPU and running Linux KVM or VMware. This book focuses on a lab build of vMX 20.2R2 running on Linux KVM. Thereís plenty of example configurations and tips, as well as an Appendix with the ten most common vMX Juniper Support issues and their resolution links.

  • Work with the vMX architecture and be able to deploy the bookís use cases.
  • Understand the build, configuration, and deployment of vMX in your lab or production environments.
  • Scale an instance of the vMX.
  • License the vMX for a lab or production deployment.
  • Troubleshoot vMX installation and deployment issues.

About the Authors
Matt Dinham is an independent consulting Network Architect based in the UK, and a Juniper Ambassador. Matt has over 20 years experience working within Enterprise and Service Provider environments (public & private sector), and is certified CCIE #16387 (R&S, SP). Find Matt on Twitter: @mattdinham.

Madhavi Katti is an Information Development Engineer at Juniper Networks with over 13 years of experience in writing and developing documentation for networking and telecommunications. Madhavi contributes to product documentation for security and virtualization products.

Vishruth Reddy is a ATAC engineer based in Bangalore, India. He has 10 years of experience working with different Juniper product lines, mainly Junos (MX & vMX), Subscriber Management, Northstar and cRPD. This is his first Day One but in his years of work as a Technical Support Engineer Staff, heís seen how important the series is for newbies.

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