Day One: Data Center Fundamentals

Colin Wrightson

Day One: Data Center Fundamentals

Learn all the basics of data centers, from components to cabling to controllers, and how Juniper products scale that technology. It’s day one, and you have a data center to build.

Day One: Data Center Fundamentals provides a thorough understanding of all the components that make up a data center solution using Juniper Networks products and networking technologies. You’ll learn how key data center principles fit together by using an example architecture that is common throughout the book, providing an easy reference point to gauge different data center solutions.

By book’s end, you’ll be able to design your own data center network and in the process come to understand why you would favor one technology or design principle over another. The author points out subtle differences along the way, and provides links to authoritative content that will help you with the technical specifications of the components, protocols, controllers, and configurations.

What You Will Learn by Reading This Book
  • Basic principles of data center design and how they have evolved
  • How different data center designs affect applications
  • What overlay and underlay are, and why they are important
  • How Controller and Controller-less networks can improve Layer 2 scale and operations
  • A better understanding of Juniper data center products

Advance Praise
"Data center architectures are evolving at an exponential rate. With the cloud reaching maturity and SDN’s rise from the trough of disillusionment towards the plateau of profitability – an update on the new fundamentals of data center architecture is long overdue. Colin Wrightson tackles the topic head-on in this excellent new addition to the Day One library." — Perry Young, SVP, Tier-1 US Bank, Juniper Ambassador, JNCIP-SEC/SP/ENT, JNCDS-DC

"This very timely book is essential reading if you want to keep up with the rapidly changing world of data centers. It takes you all the way from cabling to SDN technology, explaining all the fundamental principles in a well-written, easily digestible format." — Julian Lucek, Author and Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks

"After years of remaining relatively static, the designs and technologies behind a data center network are now evolving rapidly. The speed of change makes it difficult to keep up with the latest architectures and technologies. Colin Wrightson, one of the data center wizards at Juniper Networks, has done of an amazing job of explaining these design choices and technologies in a simple, easy-to-read book. Highly recommended for anyone who is considering implementing a new data center network." — Andy Ingram, VP Data Centers, Center of Excellence, Juniper Networks

About the Author
Colin Wrightson is a Consultant System Engineer with the EMEA Center of Excellence team focusing on data center product and design and has been with Juniper Networks for over six years. His previous roles within Juniper have been Systems Engineer and Senior Systems engineer for enterprise covering government and defense sectors. Prior to Juniper he worked for Cisco partners as field engineering, engineering lead, and then pre-sales, before seeing the error of his ways and joining Juniper.
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