Day One: Enabling Automated Network Verifications with JSNAPy

Premesh Shah

Day One: Enabling Automated Network Verifications with JSNAPy

What happens when you combine JSNAP and Python? You get JSNAPy, a powerful network verification tool that can automate your data collection and verification tasks.

Every time a network engineer changes the configuration of a running network, there are always two nagging questions: will it work and will it break any existing services? Although actually changing the configuration might take only 10‐20 minutes, a network engineer can end up spending more than 2‐3 hours running verification checks.

What if there was a tool that could simplify pre‐ and post checks, including data collection and verification, and then inform the engineer of the details only if something is wrong, or doesnít match the pre‐defined parameters?

JSNAPy is an evolution of the original JSNAP module: the next‐gen module for auto‐ mating network verification. Not only has JSNAPy simplified data collection, it has also reduced the amount of effort needed for verification, and that means your late night cut overs just got a lot shorter, safer, and completely verified. Take this Day One book into the lab today and explore JSNAPy.

"As our industry moves towards NetDevOps, network verification and audit are key pillars of the automation lifecycle. This excellent book introduces you to JSNAPy, a flexible and powerful tool built on the concepts of its predecessor, JSNAP. Premesh Shah nicely guides you through the journey of using JSNAPy to automate network verifications even if youíre not an experienced coder."-- Diogo Montagner Resident Engineer, Juniper Networks, JNCIE #1050

What You Will Learn by Reading This Book
  • Understand the importance of data collection and verification.
  • Use JSNAPy to automate data collection and verification.
  • Audit customer networks.
  • Integrate JSNAPy with existing network automation tools.

About the Author
Premesh Shah is a Network Solutions Architect with over 12 years of experience in designing, building, automat- ing, and operating networks in both Service Provider and Enterprise networks. He is JNCIE-SP and JNCIE-ENT.
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