Day One: EX Series Up and Running

Scott Reisinger, J.T. Wilson, Salman Syed

Day One: EX Series Up and Running

Configure your Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switch with all the new ELS capabilities! This Day One will get you up and running in no time.

  • Know the difference between ELS and non-ELS provisioning
  • Identify the different switching hardware models
  • Upgrade your system to ELS software and ELS configuration
  • Identify the new ELS commands
  • Understand the new syntax for trunk and port modes in ELS
  • Configure and monitor VLANS and TRUNKS
  • Configure inter-VLAN routing
  • Configure and Monitor port security features
  • Secure the EX connection with MACSec

Publication Praise

“Feature-packed with information and references for network engineers of all levels, from the brand new and uninitiated to the seasoned veteran looking for straight-up insights. Everything inside is a testament to the dedication that Juniper has to their customers.”- William C. Etheridge IV, TSgt, USAF, Instructor, Cyber Transport Systems

“This is the perfect book to acquire a better understanding of Juniper EX Series Switches with everything you need to know in order to configure your device from beginning to end in a clear and concise manner.” - Stan Carver, Senior Sales Engineer, Raytheon

“The information in this book goes well beyond “Day One” – it’s a comprehensive, much-needed reference that includes the updated Junos ELS syntax. Keep this one in your backpack.” - Kerri Gillespie, Resident Engineer, Juniper Networks

About the Book Juniper Networks® EX Series Ethernet Switches deliver high-performance, scalable solutions for campus, branch office, and data center environments. You can deploy cost-effective Junos switching solutions that deliver carrier-class reliability, security risk management, network virtualization, application control, and reduced total cost of ownership. Day One: EX Series Up and Running contains all the new Enhanced Layer 2 Software (ELS) support developed to provide more programming capabilities and feature support for EX Series devices. The book delivers with hundreds of configuration examples, tips, and links into the Juniper TechLibrary.

About the Authors

Scott Reisinger is a Senior Systems Engineer for the USAF at Juniper Networks and GOTO SE for Automation. He has over fifteen years of experience working with devices running the Junos OS and has spent the last seven years with Juniper Networks. Scott is also a 15-year veteran of the USAF and has supported DoD Networks for over thirty years. Scott is the author of Day One: Deploying Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) by Juniper Networks Books.

JT Wilson is a Consulting Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks and GOTO SE for Switching. He has over sixteen years of networking experience and has been working for Juniper for the last ten years. JT has spent his career at Juniper supporting mission-critical DoD customer networks. Salman Syed is a Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Juniper Networks. He’s spent seven years with Juniper and has over thirteen years of experience in designing data center and campus networks. He holds a CCIE in routing and switching.
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Date Published: September 20, 2017
Author: Scott Reisinger, J.T. Wilson, Salman Syed
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