Day One: IPsec VPN Cookbook 2018

Johan Andersson

Day One: IPsec VPN Cookbook 2018

Find the right IPsec VPN solution in this cookbook full of use cases, sample configurations, and security best practices.

In a world of evolving security threats and increasingly strict compliance, all organizations must ensure that data over a wide area network or the public Internet is secure and encrypted. But because there are so many options available for IPsec VPNs, it has always been difficult for architects and administrators to understand what functions to choose.

Day One: IPsec VPN Cookbook 2018 has a simple approach Ė pick one of the use case examples from each chapter, from basic to complex, and start implementing an IPsec VPN solution. Thatís why this cookbook has been one of the most popular internal Juniper documents for years, used by field sales and system engineers, and why it is now intended to have annual updates.

"Johan Andersson, one of the encryption wizards at Juniper Networks, does an amazing job 
of explaining the many IPsec VPN design choices and technologies by showing the reader exactly how to configure each one with the Junos OS. Highly recommended." - Bhupen Mistry, Security Architect & Consultant, Operativity Ltd.

  • Define the different types of IPsec VPN architectures and topologies.
  • Choose the best IPsec VPN technology to for your use.
  • Know the issues surrounding the integration of encryption technology.
  • Understand Juniperís IPsec VPN solutions.
  • Learn how to incorporate the IPsec VPN features into a design.
  • Explore the steps required to implement and tune IPsec VPN in your network.
  • Use architectural blueprint designs as a base template for your specific scenario.
  • Understand the differences between the different types of IPsec VPNs.
  • Understand and configure IPsec VPN features including security best practices.
  • Verify your configuration using basic troubleshooting commands.
  • Monitor the status of IPsec VPN across your network in real time.

About the Author
Johan Andersson has over 18 years experience in Networking and IT Security within the automobile, pharmaceutical, finance, and service provider sectors. He has had multiple roles as a Network Engineer, Consultant, and Architect, and started with NetScreen Technologies as a Certified Instructor. Today, Johan is the IPsec Product Manager for Juniper Networks.
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