Day One: Automating Junos® with Salt

Peter Klimai

Day One: Automating Junos® with Salt

Learn how Salt works with the Junos® OS to build an event-driven infrastructure (EDI).

Network automation is a hot topic. Currently there are several popular configuration management systems that can be used for networking – Puppet, Chef, Ansible, etc. Salt is one of them, but it is different because it is event-driven and allows users to build event-driven infrastructure (EDI). Day One: Automating Junos with Salt is a complete book for Junos® OS network engineers unfamiliar with programming, templating, or data structures. From fundamental concepts to working tutorials, this Day One book will have you automating with Salt in no time at all.

"Peter Klimai has written an engaging crash course about using Salt to manage Junos devices. If you are using Salt and want to include Junos devices in your Salt operations, read this book. If you want to build an event-driven automation environment around your Junos devices, read this book." – Sean Sawtell, Senior Network Engineer, Juniper Networks author of Day One: Automating Junos with Ansible, 2nd Ed.

"The quality is top-notch. It is well-written and concise without leaving anything important out. Even though I had never done anything in Saltstack, I was able to write a few states for our network in a day or two." – Said van de Klundert, Network Engineer for IBM Cloud, Juniper Ambassador, JNCIE-SP, JNCIE-DC

  • Install Salt and its basic settings to make it work with the Junos OS.
  • Execute Junos commands remotely.
  • Provision Junos device configurations with Salt.
  • Integrate Junos devices in Salt’s event-driven infrastructure.
  • Create custom Salt modules with Junos PyEZ.
  • Perform network verifications with Salt.
  • Use NAPALM Salt modules to manage multivendor networks.

About the Author
Dr. Peter Klimai is a Juniper Ambassador working as Lead Engineer and Instructor at Poplar Systems (a Juniper partner in Russia since 2001). He is certified JNCIE-SEC #98, JNCIE-ENT #393, JNCIE-SP #2253, JNCIP-DC, and JNCI, and has several years experience supporting Juniper equipment for small and large companies. Peter teaches Juniper classes on routing, security, automation and troubleshooting and is especially enthusiastic about network automation using various tools, as well as network function virtualization.

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