Day One: MPLS Up and Running On Junos

Nupur Kanoi

Day One: MPLS Up and Running On Junos

Review MPLS basics while configuring traffic engineering requirements that can build a fault tolerant network.

MPLS is an integral part of most Service Provider networks, so any modern book on MPLS needs to have an in-depth understanding of MPLS and traffic engineering (TE). Day One: MPLS Up and Running on Junos covers MPLS in a fast, up and running format, reviewing MPLS basics while moving the reader towards the traffic engineering requirements and configurations that can build a fault tolerant network. Nupur Kanoi has the necessary experience to write this MPLS shorthand and she presents a hands-on lab guide that can help you build a MPLS topology and with an MPLS VPN running end-to-end. Clear definitions and sample configurations make it quick and easy for network administrators to follow along.

"Day One: MPLS Up and Running on Junos has been a vital learning tool for me, allowing for personal growth and understanding of MPLS and traffic engineering. I highly recommended it for engineers interested in getting started with MPLS and learning traffic engineering techniques.” - Kody Vicknair, Network Engineer, Reserve Telecommunications, (JNCIA-Junos, CCNA, BCNE)

“Have fun learning and labbing MPLS with this awesome guide, and develop the skills you need to deploy and support MPLS services. Everything is covered from basic to advanced topics, and it’s all nicely wrapped up with a complete end-to-end topology.” - Matt Dinham, Director of Network Operations, Optimity

  • Understand the basic concepts of MPLS.
  • Understand the label distribution protocols, LDP and RSVP, and their differences.
  • Design and implement a fault tolerant MPLS network with either LDP or RSVP, or LDP and RSVP.
  • Effectively scale that network with the help of MPLS TE.
  • Efficiently troubleshoot the core MPLS network.

About the Author

Nupur Kanoi is a Senior Backbone engineer for a global service provider, where she has gained experience in service provider backbone architecture and design. She also holds JNCIE-ENT (#520), JNCIE-SP (#2824), JNCIP-DC, and JNCDS-DC certifications. Nupur can be reached on LinkedIn ( and on Twitter (@nupur_kanoi).
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