Day One: Ambassadors’ Cookbook for 2019

Nupur Kanoi, Chris Parker, Christian Scholz, Dan Hearty, Michel Tepper, Said van de Klundert, Paul Clarke, Martin Brown, Peter Klimai, Tom Dwyer, Pierre-Yves Maunier, Yasmin Lara, Stefan Fouant, Steve Puluka, Nick Ryce

Day One: Ambassadors’ Cookbook for 2019

How-to solutions and network recipes by the community dedicated to up and running Juniper reliability.

The Juniper Ambassador program recognizes and supports its top community members and the generous contributions they make through sharing their knowledge, passion, and expertise on J-Net, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.

“This is another great addition to the bulging Juniper Day One library. The Juniper Ambassadors have created recipes for a considerable number of hot-button issues facing engineers and architects today. The recipes explain and guide you through the setup of the solutions and help simplify and speed up the time to operations. There’s a great mix of traditional CLI-based implementation as well the new world of automation and network reliability engineering. I’ll certainly be using this book for some of my forthcoming data center and multicloud projects.”- Bhupen Mistry, Director & Principal Consultant, Operativity Ltd.

  • Virtualizing Routers with Routing Instances
  • Saving Time with Apply-stuff
  • Enabling the Inet.3 Table for BGP To Use Label-Switched Paths
  • Forcing Non-BGP Traffic to Take an LSP: Manipulating Inet.3
  • Setup, Best Practices, and Pitfalls of MC-LAG on the QFX-Series
  • Connecting an SRX Cluster to a VRRP Router
  • Consolidation of Two PE’s: BGP Pre- and Post-check With PyEZ
  • L2VPN to VPLS Stitching
  • Configuring EVPN VLAN-Aware Bundle Service on Juniper MX
  • Configuring EVPN VLAN Bundle Service on Juniper MX
  • Using Terminating Actions in Junos Routing Policy
  • ZTP with SLAX on EX Series Devices
  • Configuring NAT on SRX Platforms Using Proxy ARP/ND
  • Q-in-Q Tunneling Using ELS
  • Low-Risk Methodology for Deploying Firewall Filters
  • Translating RSVP-signaled LSPs for Quick Troubleshooting Using PyEZ
  • Writing eBGP Policies for Outbound Traffic Engineering
  • Synchronizing Junos Device Configurations Using Python Scripts
  • Migrating from MC-LAG to ESI-LAG

About the Authors
Nupur Kanoi (Recipe 7) is a Senior Backbone engineer for a global service provider, where she has gained experience in service provider backbone architecture and design. She also holds JNCIE-ENT (#520), JNCIE-SP (#2824), JNCIP-DC, and JNCDS-DC certifications. Nupur can be reached on LinkedIn ( and on Twitter (@nupur_kanoi).

Chris Parker (Recipes 3, 4, and 11) is a British network engineer, though he prefers to think of himself as a citizen of the Internet. He has worked in the Service Provider sector for over 10 years and has a particular passion for BGP, MPLS, and IS-IS. He holds six Juniper certifications and is currently working towards JNCIE-SP. He blogs at, where he teaches Juniper technologies with a smile and a sense of humor. Find him on Twitter at @NetworkFunTimes.

Christian Scholz (Recipes 5, 12) is a German Senior Consultant for Network and Security, and a Juniper Ambassador, who is currently working for a large System Integrator based in Cologne. Christian is certified JNCIE-SEC #374 and has several years of experience with migrations from any vendor to Juniper. He was involved in many large projects for German Campus Networks and eventually made his hobby his job. He enjoys blogging and giving knowledge back to the community, especially with “hot topics” like EVPN, automation, and IPv6.

Dan Hearty (Recipes 9 and 10) is a Principal Engineer working for Telent in the UK and is a Juniper Ambassador. He has over 10 years of experience specializing in service provider, data center and security technologies. He is JNCIE-SP #2406 and more recently achieved JNCIE-DC #190. Dan enjoys blogging and has a particular interest in all things EVPN.

Michel Tepper (Recipes 2 and 6) is a Solutions Architect for Nuvias in the Netherlands and a Juniper Ambassador. Besides doing a lot of presales support he also is a Juniper Networks Certified Instructor on Security, Services provider and Enterprise routing and switching tracks. Working 30+ years in the industry doesn’t reduce his enthusiasm for it, or for Juniper, to be specific. Besides Juniper certifications Michel holds certifications for a number of other leading vendors.

Said van de Klundert (Recipe 16) is a Dutch networking enthusiast, Juniper Networks Ambassador, network engineer at IBM cloud, and content developer at iNET ZERO. He has over 10 years of experience working in service provider, data center and large cloud networks. He has a passion for network automation and holds the JNCIE-SP #2573 and JNCIE-DC #26.

Paul Clarke (Recipes 8 and 14) is a Customer Solutions Architect working for Fujitsu in the UK and is a Juniper Ambassador. He specialises in Service Provider but also operates across the Data Center, Enterprise and Security towers. He has over 20 years of experience focused on networking and holds four JNCIP certifications.

Martin Brown (Recipe 1) is a Network Security Engineer for a tier 1 service provider based in the UK and is a Juniper Ambassador. Martin started his career in IT over 20 years ago supporting Macintosh computers and in 1999 earned his first certification by becoming an MCP then an MCSE. In the past six years he has progressed to networking, implementing, and supporting network devices in a number of different environments including airports, retail, warehouses and service providers. His knowledge covers a broad range of network device types and network equipment from most of the major vendors including Cisco, F5, Checkpoint, and of course, Juniper.

Peter Klimai (Recipe 18) is a Juniper Ambassador and a Juniper Networks certified instructor working at Poplar Systems, a Juniper-Authorized Education Partner in Russia. He is certified JNCIE-SEC #98, JNCIE-ENT #393, and JNCIE-SP #2253 and has several years of experience supporting Juniper equipment for many small and large companies. He teaches a variety of Juniper classes on a regular basis, beginning with introductory level (such as IJOS) and including advanced (such as AJSEC, JAUT, and NACC). Peter is enthusiastic about network automation using various tools, as well as network function virtualization.

Tom Dwyer (Recipe 19) is a Principal Engineer leading the Data Center Practice at Nexum Inc, a VAR, MSP, and training provider based out of Chicago. He has over 20 years of experience focused on networking, security, and data center technologies. Tom is a Juniper Ambassador and is certified by Juniper as a JNCIE-ENT #424.

Pierre-Yves Maunier (Recipe 17) is a French Juniper Ambassador working as a Datacenter and Network Engineering Director at Acorus Networks. For the past 15 years I’ve worked as a Network Architect for various type of companies : ISP, Hosting Provider, Content Network and now Network Security dealing with DDOS mitigation systems. For each of these jobs I was working on Juniper based Networks. My main focus and what I love is to work in core backbones and network interconnections that are the foundations of Internet.

Yasmin Lara (Recipe 13) is a Juniper Ambassador and a Juniper Networks certified instructor working at Sunset Learning Institute, a JNAEP based in Reston, VA. She teaches courses from the SP, ENT, SEC, Cloud, and DevOps tracks. She is a 4xJNCIE, and a CCNP. She has several years of networking experience and worked for Juniper Networks as a Resident Engineer for a Large Service Provider in the US, before joining SLI. Her biggest professional passion is to understand and learn about technology and figure out the best way to explain it to others. She is baseball and starwars fanatic and enjoys expending time with her husband and two teenage boys, and practicing taekwondo.

Stefan Fouant (Recipe 15) is the Director of Technology and Cloud Strategy at Sun Management with decades of experience in the service provider and network security industries. He holds several patents in the area of DDoS detection and mitigation and is also a co-author of drafts within the IETF DOTS working group relating to standardized signaling of coordinated DDoS attack filtering and mitigation mechanisms. He is a quadruple JNCIE and also the author of Day One: Junos Fusion Data Center Up and Running.

Nick Ryce (Technical Editor) is a Senior Network Architect for a major ISP based in Scotland, and a Juniper Ambassador. Nick has over a decade of experience working within the Service Provider industry and has worked with a variety of vendors including Cisco, Nortel, HP, and Juniper. Nick is currently certified as JNCIE-ENT #232.

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Author: Nupur Kanoi, Chris Parker, Christian Scholz, Dan Hearty, Michel Tepper, Said van de Klundert, Paul Clarke, Martin Brown, Peter Klimai, Tom Dwyer, Pierre-Yves Maunier, Yasmin Lara, Stefan Fouant, Steve Puluka, Nick Ryce
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