Day One: Inside Segment Routing

Anurag Khare and Colby Barth

Day One: Inside Segment Routing

Get inside segment routing with this series of advanced use cases.

Introducing segment routing (SR) into an existing MPLS network of any worth is a sizable undertaking, but it can be well worth the effort. Far from simply reigniting the debate about how networks should route, segment routing ushers in novel approaches to long-standing practices of node identification, network partitioning, and multipathing. In this book, you’ll get inside segment routing with a series of advanced use cases that detail Junos® implementation and deployment solutions with sage production advice from two senior Juniper engineers. Leap in.

“Segment routing moves state from the network and puts it in the packet. Anurag and Colby deal with the intricacies of leveraging segment routing in existing LDP and RSVP-TE networks. Their book provides the keys to deploying and successfully enabling segment routing with a traffic engineering controller, using all of their first-hand experience from initial deployments.” - A.E. Natarajan, SVP Junos Engineering, Juniper Networks

“A must read for anyone exploring how to deploy segment routing in their network. You’ll get answers to the commonly asked questions – how to migrate to SR, how is the 
existing network impacted, how to operate a SR-based network, and much more...” - Aman Kapoor, Principal Engineering Manager, Azure Networking, Microsoft


  • Implement solutions to a variety of issues SR can solve: both IPv4 and native IPv6 connectivity, traffic protection, traffic engineering for constraints-based routing, and bandwidth optimization.
  • Plan controlled SR deployments in brownfield networks and migrate away from LDP and/or RSVP-TE.
  • Appreciate the importance of modern telemetry stacks, how they improve upon legacy protocols such as SNMP, and their relevance to how bandwidth optimization can be performed.
  • Understand the role centralized traffic controllers can play in complex networks, with their ability to visualize the topology, as well as direct both the underlay and overlay.
  • Explore cutting-edge tools such as SR-over-UDP and FlexAlgo.

About the Authors

Anurag Khare is a Principal Engineer at Juniper Networks. He has been building, breaking, then re-jiggering every kind of network he can get his hands on for over 17 years.

Colby Barth is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. Colby has over 20 years of experience, designing, building, and operating IP/MPLS networks.

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Author: Anurag Khare and Colby Barth
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