Day One: Deploying Junos Route Servers

Colby Barth and Melchior Aelmans

Day One: Deploying Junos Route Servers

Build a Junos® OS Route Server for your Internet Exchange.

This book targets network engineers, designers, and architects who are involved in Internet Exchange Point (IXP) operations and intend to deploy Junos® OS-based route servers. The Junos OS has included EBGP Route Server requirements since 17.4R1, and is considered a feature rich, high-performing route server implementation. Barth and Aelmans provide Junos implementation tips and tricks, as well as general Internet Exchange configuration considerations such as the usage of policies, communities, and routing security methods like IRR/RPKI. Also covered are RS scaling, filtering, and validation issues.

“Whether you’ve been running an IXP for quite some time or planning to start one, this Day One book helps you deploy your route servers – a vital service that exists in every IXP network and that handles prefix propagation between members. The authors include all their field knowledge and best practices to set up new versions of route servers for not only the beginner but also for more experienced engineers to smoothly transition from simple instances to secure deployments that will be MANRS complaint.” – Stavros Konstantaras, NOC Engineer, AMS-IX

  • Deploying route servers in an Internet Exchange Point (IXP).
  • What IXP relevant features are offered by the Junos OS.
  • Deploying and implementing physical/virtual/containerized (redundant) Junos OS route servers.
  • Implementing routing policies and methods that reject invalid routing information in an IXP environment.
  • Verifying your configuration and supporting Junos OS route servers using troubleshooting commands.

About the Authors
Colby Barth is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. Colby has over 20 years of experience designing, building, and operating IP/MPLS networks.
Melchior Aelmans is a Senior Systems Engineer at Juniper Networks, where he has been working with many operators on the design, security, and evolution of their networks. He has over 10 years of experience in various operations, engineering, and sales engineering positions with enterprises, data centers and Service Provider. Before joining Juniper Networks, he worked with eBay, LGI, KPN, etc. Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing topics like BGP, peering, routing security, and Internet routing.

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Date Published: September 6, 2019
Author: Colby Barth and Melchior Aelmans
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