Day One: Building Containers with Kubernetes and Contrail

Ping Song, Ayman Aborabh, and Yuvaraja Mariappan

Day One: Building Containers with Kubernetes and Contrail

Learn Kubernetes fundamentals and understand its integration with Juniper Contrail®.

This Day One book details the long list of Juniper Contrail features that can enrich Kubernetes implementations. Starting with the basic concepts of containers and moving through virtual networks and Contrail architecture, the authors review the basic foundation and key components of Kubernetes, including several different Kubernetes features without Contrail integration. But the core of the book is devoted to detailed labs and use cases of Contrail and Kubernetes together. Contrail can build and manage virtual networks that integrate containers, VMs, and bare metal servers of all types, so the authors focus on how to integrate a popular pair: Kubernetes and Contrail.

“SDN and Kubernetes are two of the hottest technologies and this Day One book covers the concepts of Kubernetes as well as the native networking model inside the Kubernetes, and then demonstrates how Contrail enhances the capability of network functions as well as security in Kubernetes. Recommended.” - Lin Zhang, CTO, CStack Technologies

“A must-read for anyone exploring how to integrate Contrail’s virtual networking into Kubernetes containerized platform. You will find answers for common questions and practices of Kubernetes from Contrail’s perspective, including, but not limited to, container/kubernetes basics, packet flow, and much more.” – Kevin Yang, Staff Engineer, SDDCaaS, VMware

“Great book for those who want to understand how Contrail can be integrated into Kubernetes as a container network provider. Topics range from basic concepts to advance features and implementation details with lots of examples.” - Yan Chen, Network Engineer, Google

  • Container technology and different Kubernetes features using YAML.
  • Kubernetes integration with Contrail.
  • Kubernetes network policy and Contrail firewall security.
  • Configuring isolated Kubernetes Namespaces using Contrail.
  • Configuring Floating IP in Contrail to provide container’s outside connectivity.
  • Configuring load balancer and cluster IP services in Kubernetes using Contrail.
  • Configuring different types of Kubernetes ingress using Contrail.
  • Configuring and building multi-interfaces/multi-network containers using Contrail.
  • Deploying Contrail service chaining using the Juniper cSRX in Kubernetes.

About the Authors
Ping Song is a technical support engineer at Juniper Networks. Ping has been working for 20 years in the networking industry. He is certified double CCIE#26084 (R&S, SP) and triple JNCIE (SP#2178, ENT#775, DC#239). Ping is an enthusiastic Linux and VIM user and he enjoys being a power user of Linux tool chains like asciidoc/tmux/git/shell/jupyter and others, as well as being a tclexpect/python script lover. He currently supports customers building and maintaining their data centers with Juniper contrail networking and SD-WAN solutions.

Ayman Aborabh has over 15 years of experience in the networking industry, and is a certified CCIE (R&S, SP) #24287 and JNCIE ( SP # 1261, ENT # 294, DC #29).In his current role as a Senior Proctor/Trainer at Juniper Networks, he builds, customizes, or directly delivers training sessions for almost every major Enterprise, Service Provider, and mobile operator in Europe. Only IP networks can keep Ayman away from his hobby, writing in political philosophy.

Yuvaraja Mariappan is a software engineer in the Contrail group at Juniper Networks. He has over 16 years of experience in software development and has worked within various Layers in the system from kernel to application. He is one of the core contributors for the Contrail Kubernetes solution.
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Date Published: November 14, 2019
Author: Ping Song, Ayman Aborabh, and Yuvaraja Mariappan
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