Day One: Deploying Optimized Multicast in EVPN/VXLAN

Vikram Nagarajan, Princy Elizabeth, and Himanshu Agarwal

Day One: Deploying Optimized Multicast in EVPN/VXLAN

Learn to configure and troubleshoot an EVPN/VXLAN fabric with multicast optimization.

This Day One book provides a quick background on multicast and EVPN technologies and then delves into EVPN BUM forwarding rules within a VLAN, and the problems of ‘flooding everywhere’. Various multicast optimization procedures such as Assisted Replication and Selective (SMET) Forwarding are discussed in a staged manner. The authors document the procedures of solving problems in multihoming, the cornerstone of EVPN, and the benefits are illustrated quantitatively with examples to describe the advantages of various optimizations. Filled with network diagrams and configuration examples, Day One: Deploying Optimized Multicast in EVPN/VXLAN is a must read for optimizing multicast in modern network fabrics.

“The authors of this book have taken two famously complex protocols, made them work together, and explained the results with a clarity and a precision rarely seen in this industry. You’ll put this book down with a renewed energy to take your EVPN and multicast skills to the next level. A true gift to the network engineering community.” – Chris Parker, JNCIE-SP #2981, Senior Network Engineer at Nominet, Juniper Ambassador

  • How multicast works in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric.
  • How multicast traffic is routed from one VLAN to another.
  • How Assisted Replication (AR) helps improve resource utilization and link-utilization.
  • How to appreciate the optimization on access-side interfaces with IGMP-Snooping.
  • How to appreciate the optimization in EVPN core using Selective (SMET) Forwarding.
  • How to appreciate the optimizations used in conjunction with a large-scale EVPN multicast deployment with Inter-VLAN and External Multicast.
  • Configure and troubleshoot optimized Intra-VLAN & Inter-VLAN Multicast.
  • Configure and troubleshoot the devices to work with an External Multicast Source/Receiver sitting outside the EVPN Fabric.
  • Configure and Troubleshoot an EVPN-VXLAN Fabric with multicast optimization enabled with Assisted-Replication.

About the Authors
Vikram Nagarajan is a Senior Staff Engineer with the Routing Protocols group in Juniper Networks, Bangalore, India. Having worked for close to 15 years in various VPN and multicast technologies, he recently hopped onto the EVPN bandwagon to partake in solving complex problems in the data center. He was involved in pioneering EVPN multicast solutions from their early days. He likes to call himself “the Multicast Philosopher.”

Princy Elizabeth is a Senior Staff Engineer with Juniper Networks, Bangalore, India. She has over 15 years of experience designing, implementing, and troubleshooting L2/L3 Multicast features. She has worked from “Day One” in the design and implementation of EVPN Multicast on Junos, and this Day One book is an attempt to share that EVPN multicast expertise with readers.

Himanshu Agarwal is currently a Staff Engineer in Juniper’s Routing Business Unit in Bangalore, India. He has 13 years of experience in testing and troubleshooting a wide range of routing and Ethernet switching technologies. Himanshu holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications and a post-graduate diploma in Embedded System Design.

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Date Published: February 12, 2020
Author: Vikram Nagarajan, Princy Elizabeth, and Himanshu Agarwal
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