Day One: Inside the MX 5G

David Roy

Day One: Inside the MX 5G

Take an amazing trip inside the MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform and explore the next generation of ASIC enablement.

Nothing gets network engineers more excited than a packet walkthrough within the most fabled routing platform in the world, the Juniper Networks® MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform. With its new chassis, new hardware, and new ASICs, David Roy, author of several books on the Juniper MX Series, shows off the box with its new chassis and new hardware, and then gets right into the EA and ZT linecards. Step-by-step, David shows how packets navigate these monster ASICs.

This is the ultimate trip into big iron for those who can appreciate the scalability and programmability of Juniper silicon. Follow the packet and David’s CLI command sequences as they illustrate why the MX 5G and Junos® powers networks around the world.

“Have you ever wondered what actually happens to data packets entering your routers? This book gives an excellent and very detailed view of the life of a packet “inside the box.” I’ve been working with Juniper Networks routers for about 15 years now and have never seen anything publicly available that even comes close to this level of detail, yet the book is an easy read and David perfectly guides you through it. Even having years of hands on experience with the MX, I’ve learned so much! If you really want to understand what is happening with a packet inside the box, this is the book to read.” -Melchior Aelmans, Lead Engineer, Cloud Providers, Juniper Networks

“When it comes to an MX PFE packet walkthrough, there is no better person to take you on that journey than Dvid Roy. David has a deep and thorough understanding of the EA and ZT PFEs and shares his knowledge in this exceptionally written book. Juniper’s fifth generation of TRIO PFEs introduces key new innovations for engineers who are able to take their knowledge to the next level.” -Daniel Hearty, Juniper Ambassador, Principal Engineer, Telent,

  • Size the MX 5G family of products and discover how to apply them to your needs.
  • Gain new skills with MX 5G hardware based on the EA or ZT ASICs.
  • Understand the life of unicast, MPLS, and host packets in the MX 5G.
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting on the MX 5G Series hardware.

About the Author
David Roy is a network support engineer who works for one of the main Service Providers in Europe: Orange. During the last 12 years he was involved in many projects based on IP and MPLS technologies. He is also a focus technical support engineer for the French domestic backbone of Orange. Before that, he was part of a Research and Development team focused on Digital Video Broadcasting and IP over Satellite technologies. He loves to troubleshoot complex routing and switching issues and has spent much time in the lab to reverse engineer different routing platforms such as the Juniper MX series. He wrote the second edition of The MX Series, an O’Reilly book, and the Day One book: This Week: An Expert Packet Walkthrough on the MX Series 3D. David is triple JNCIE: SP#703, ENT#305, and SEC#144. When he’s not diving into the hardware’s routers, he plays drums, listens to rock, and savors some nice beers. David can be found on Twitter @door7302.

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