Day One: Beginner’s Guide to Learning Junos

Martin Brown, Chris Parker, Yasmin Lara, Peter Klimai, Christian Scholz, Tom Dwyer, Paul Clarke, and Jeff Fry

Day One: Beginner’s Guide to Learning Junos

The Juniper Ambassadors show you how to stand up a Juniper network and how to configure and troubleshoot the fabled Junos CLI with ease and confidence. Try Junos the Ambassador way and be up and running on day one.

The Juniper Ambassadors are a diverse set of independent network engineers, consultants, and architects who work in the field with Juniper technologies on a daily basis. Their mission is to spread the word about the power and scalability of Juniper’s network offerings. Indeed, they are responsible for over a dozen Day One books and countless social media appearances, videos, and training sessions. But they have always wanted to fill a major gap in the networking cannon and create a true beginner’s guide to the most powerful networking OS in the world. And now they have done it, the Ambassador way: hands on, to the point, and complete. It’s all here in the Beginner’s Guide to Learning Junos.

“Whether you are new to Juniper or not, there isn’t a more complete introduction to Junos available. I wish this book was around when I started my network journey years ago. The Ambassador authors bring together so much knowledge and expert field experience that this book is a one-stop-shop to take you from beginner to Junos expert.” - Melchior Aelmans, Lead Engineer Cloud Providers, Juniper Networks

“Nowadays there are many vendors offering similar services and its difficult to learn them all. What network engineers need is a clear and easy-to-follow guide to assist them in their learning journey. Any one new to Juniper will find this book an absolute must read – the authors have presented the topics in a clear and simplified way without losing any of the details.” - Joy Horton, Service Desk Analyst, Xalient

  • The purpose and function of devices in the Juniper portfolio, from routers to switches to firewalls.
  • How the Junos CLI works, and the power it brings to your understanding of your network.
  • How to use the Junos hierarchy to accurately predict the commands and configuration you’ll need.
  • To configure and troubleshoot Juniper hardware, including checking for physical interface errors.
  • To configure and troubleshoot protocols that run on Juniper routers, including log analysis, debugging, ping, traceroute, and commands to let you monitor control-plane traffic in and out of an interface.
  • How routing works within Junos, not only on a default protocol level, but in terms of your ability to manipulate those default behaviors.

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Date Published: August 27, 2020
Author: Martin Brown, Chris Parker, Yasmin Lara, Peter Klimai, Christian Scholz, Tom Dwyer, Paul Clarke, and Jeff Fry
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