Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick!
Practical activities to manage emotions, navigate social situations & reduce anxiety (Color)

Elizabeth Sautter

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Help children become more calm, confident and connected with no extra work!

Children need ongoing exposure for greater awareness and understanding of themselves and the complex world that they live in as well as explanations and practice throughout the day to manage their emotions, navigate social situations and reduce anxiety.

Over 200 simple and easy-to-understand activities show you the teachable moments to use throughout your daily routines with your child.

Activities include:
  • Getting ready for the day
  • Preparing and eating meals together
  • Reading time
  • Going to the doctor
  • Celebrating holidays
  • Partnering with your child's school becomes an opportunity for discovery and collaboration.
Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! is a busy parents' guide to parenting children who need help with:
  • Listening and relationship skills to build better friendships
  • Navigating transitions, boundaries and trying new things
  • Managing their big feelings, like meltdowns, mood swings, overwhelm and more
  • Developing focus to do what we ask (like schoolwork!) instead of resisting or complaining
  • Help children thrive socially and emotionally without either of you getting derailed by frustration or overwhelm!

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