Day One: Deploying BGP RIB Sharding and Update Threading

Ravindran Thangarajah

Day One: Deploying BGP RIB Sharding and Update Threading

BGP RIB Sharding (BRS) and Update Threading (UT) are aimed at scaling up BGP convergence performance by taking advantage of the multicore (multiprocessing) capabilities provided by modern processors. By using the paradigm of parallel software execution on a multiprocessing system, these features speed up BGP processing and help deliver superior convergence performance. This book starts with a look at the design approach for these features, then the various factors that need to be considered for best performance . It reviews targeted customer use cases and their configuration aspects and operational commands. Itís the perfect Day One book, short, precise, and it can get you up and sharding on day one.

ďScaling up with better convergence time is a mandatory requirement for many large organizations to which BGP RIB sharding is one of the optimal solutions. This is a power-packed book which explains the need, basics, and configuration steps of BGP RIB sharding. The author conveniently explains concepts and the book has good flow of topics covering various use cases. I would highly recommend this book for those engineers looking forward to scaling up their environment and who want to leverage Juniperís multicore capable systems.Ē - Nupur Kanoi, Sr. Engineer, Juniper Networks Ambassador, 3xJNCIE (JNCIE-SP, JNCIE-DC, JNCIE-ENT) .

ďEvery system, whether itís a database, a physical system (for example a switch or router), or in this case a routing protocol, at one point they all face the limits of scaling up. Distributed systems, scale out, and sharding are the next steps in scaling. This book describes in high detail how BGP sharding works and how to configure the Juniper BGP implementation to take advantage of multiprocessing capabilities present in modern CPUs so that BGP pipeline processing can happen in parallel. You can learn a lot by reading these pages.Ē - Melchior Aelmans, Lead Engineer Cloud Providers, Juniper Networks.

  • Work with the various factors that should be considered before deploying BGP RIB Sharding and Update Threading.
  • Target use cases that can benefit when deploying various BGP sharding features.
  • Determine what feature sets will be of benefit for your deployment.
  • Configuration the correct parameters to use for deriving best performance.
  • Resource deployments on third-party servers.

About the Author
Ravi Thangarajah is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks based out of Bengaluru, India. He has over 25 years of experience in the networking industry building products spanning the range from simple ATM/Ethernet switches to complex multi-chassis IP/MPLS routers. He enjoys collaborating with customers and solving problems for them. He has a Masterís degree in Computer Science. His areas of interest include distributed systems, system analysis and troubleshooting, system performance, and software re-engineering.

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