Day One: Contrail Networking Up and Running With Openstack

Kolachalam Krishna Kishore

Day One: Contrail Networking Up and Running With Openstack

Create virtual networks and deploy virtual machines using Contrail Networking.

Starting from scratch, this book provides network administrators with a roadmap of how to set up and operate a Contrail SDN-based cloud. It supplies everything you need to know to boot Contrail Networking and then quickly create your first cluster using the most common configurations. Written and reviewed by practicing JTAC engineers, this Day One book includes follow-along configurations, detailed illustrations, and lab advice with useful links to Contrail Networking documentation. So get your cloud up and running on day one.

  • The concept of the cloud and its role in a data center.
  • The basics of OpenStack and its services.
  • The various functional blocks of Contrail Networking architecture and how those blocks interact with each other.
  • How to install Contrail Networking with OpenStack Kolla using an Ansible method.
  • The working dashboards of OpenStack and Contrail Networking and how to use them.
  • How to create virtual networks and deploy VMs connected to them.
  • How to apply security policies restricting access to critical services.
  • Service chaining and BGPaaS concepts by deploying a three-tier web application.

About the Author
Kolachalam Krishna Kishore is a technical support engineer at Juniper Networks with 14+ years of experience in the networking industry and JNCIE security certification JNCIE#425. Aside from supporting Juniper customers, he enjoys tinkering and writing scripts in Python or Bash.

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Date Published: March 24, 2021
Author: Kolachalam Krishna Kishore
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