Deconstruct this Business Calculus Journal: derivatives and integrals with business applications

Amy Langville & Kathryn Pedings-Behling

For students of business and economics, this specialty entry in the Deconstruct Series guides students through the concepts behind derivatives and integrals as well as their applications to supply, demand, profit, and margins. We know you need calculus, and we know you want it to be relevant to your interests. This book presents calculus through the eyes of both mathematicians and economists, blending the concepts of differentiation and integration with the theories behind how money flows.

This book combines the intuition-building activities of the Deconstruct Series with conceptual and calculation problems from the wonderful world of business. Whether you’re a business student who wants to pull ahead of the pack with some superior mathematical skills, a math or science student interested in what makes stocks tick, or a student “strongly encouraged” to take this class for your degree, there’s plenty for you here.

The Deconstruct Calculus Series of interactive journals teaches calculus in a hands-on way. We have four principles. First, our books emphasize intuition. You might not have had a book tell you how natural many of the concepts behind the name “Calculus” are. The Deconstruct series is that book for every student who wants to—or has to—explore this subject we love. You’ll learn concepts before calculations and will understand rather than memorize. Second, Deconstruct books focus on you, the student (we provide answers to every question, examples are personal, problems are useful). Third, it’s DIY. You’ll be doing calculus, not just parroting equations and reciting theorems for a class. Fourth, the Deconstruct Series emphasizes collaboration. Calculus is better with friends.
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Pages: 593
Date Published: August 16, 2023
ISBN: 9781647754501
Author: Amy Langville & Kathryn Pedings-Behling
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