Private Pilot Study Guide

Brian Rutledge

Private Pilot Study Guide

The dream of becoming a certificated Helicopter Private Pilot is a dream many people have had since the beginning of aviation. Dreaming is the easy part but earning the coveted private pilot certificate will require a lot of work on your part and it is worth it. I created this private pilot study guide for everyone who has the dream of becoming a pilot. I struggled with all the ground knowledge and always wondered why there wasn't some in-depth study guide for helicopter training. Sure, you can find some material out there if you search hard enough, but I wanted something no one else had. This manual is designed to help you test your knowledge and give you an idea of a variety of questions you might be asked by your instructor and the examiner. It was not designed to cover every single question you may be asked on your check ride. There's no way to write a manual that could possibly cover everything, so I set out to give you a starting point.

You will find the manual broken into separate TASKS (A-H) following the practical test standards (PTS). I left out the remaining tasks since they cover what you will be doing during the flight portion of the check ride. I really wanted to focus on what I consider the oral examination portion. You will notice each section has the questions without the answers. This is for you to quiz yourself and write your answers in yourself. The next section will be the same questions with the answers I filled in for you. If you have a friend or significant other, they can read the questions to you and have the answers available so they will know if you answered correctly or not. Feel free to work on any task in any order. This is your manual, and you choose how to work through the material. The PTS is your final test on check ride day, so make sure you understand all the TASKS.

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