Deconstruct this Calculus 1 Journal: derivatives

Amy Langville and Tyler Perini

Learning Calculus—whether you want to or have to, you’ve come to the right book. This first entry in the Deconstruct Series acts more as a journal than a textbook, guiding students to the discovery of concepts and formulas through intuition and following in the footsteps of the original inventors of calculus. We want students of all levels to learn by seeing the traces of investigation left by mathematicians rather than memorizing reams of equations with slick presentations that make the subject sterile and unapproachable.

Explore derivatives through hands-on activities that get you up and away from your desk, challenge problems that show the potential of calculus to solve everyday or specialized problems, and historical graphic novellas depicting the people, from many cultures and times, behind the curtain of mathematics. Don’t worry, there are plenty of conceptual and calculation problems to prepare for exams in any class as well. We present the rules and algorithms of differentiation, applications to extrema, higher order derivatives, as well as many other topics.

The Deconstruct Calculus Series of interactive journals teaches calculus in a hands-on way. We have four principles. First, our books emphasize intuition. You might not have had a book tell you how natural many of the concepts behind the name “Calculus” are. The Deconstruct series is that book for every student who wants to—or has to—explore this subject we love. You’ll learn concepts before calculations and will understand rather than memorize. Second, Deconstruct books focus on you, the student (we provide answers to every question, examples are personal, problems are useful). Third, it’s DIY. You’ll be doing calculus, not just parroting equations and reciting theorems for a class. Fourth, the Deconstruct Series emphasizes collaboration. Calculus is better with friends.

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Pages: 457
Date Published: February 2, 2024
ISBN: 9781647754518
Author: Amy Langville and Tyler Perini
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