Deconstruct this Calculus 3 Journal: multivariable functions

Amy Langville

Continuing the Deconstruct Calculus Series, this entry sees students through the leap from two dimensions to three. Our book gives equal weight to formulating these more complex equations and understanding the concepts behind them. In the beginning, we present ideas of multivariable calculus as extensions of the familiar single-variable calculus to build on existing intuition. Then, through carefully crafted activities and visualization guides, we take off the training wheels and let students test themselves with challenging, realistic problems in three dimensions.

Partial derivatives, double integrals, gradient vector fields—these cannot be properly understood through formulas alone. We approach them not just as mathematical objects but as representations of the three-dimensional world in which we live. Even if this is the end of your calculus career, we want you to walk away seeing the world a bit more mathematically and be prepared to use all you know. And if this is just the middle of your excursion into calculus, we’ll see that you have an unshakeable, tangible foundation on which to build.

The Deconstruct Calculus Series of interactive journals teaches calculus in a hands-on way. We have four principles. First, our books emphasize intuition. You might not have had a book tell you how natural many of the concepts behind the name “Calculus” are. The Deconstruct series is that book for every student who wants to—or has to—explore this subject we love. You’ll learn concepts before calculations and will understand rather than memorize. Second, Deconstruct books focus on you, the student (we provide answers to every question, examples are personal, problems are useful). Third, it’s DIY. You’ll be doing calculus, not just parroting equations and reciting theorems for a class. Fourth, the Deconstruct Series emphasizes collaboration. Calculus is better with friends.

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Date Published: August 17, 2023
ISBN: 9781647754549
Author: Amy Langville
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