Deconstruct this Calculus 3.5 Journal: vector functions

Amy Langville

The last in the Deconstruct Series, for now, Book 3.5 takes students through more advanced calculus in three dimensions. Here, we take some impressive sounding terms loved by sci-fi TV writers—force fields, parameterizations, vectors, the list continues—and show that they are only difficult to understand when spoken about in obscure and unrelatable terms. As some texts tend to do.

Through Deconstruct-style activities that break away from just pen and paper, as well as challenge problems that give realistic context to the concepts, this book provides students with a unique learning experience for these advanced topics. There are plenty of opportunities to practice problem-solving and algorithms and dive deeper into the implications of some of calculus’s most important theorems.

The Deconstruct Calculus Series of interactive journals teaches calculus in a hands-on way. We have four principles. First, our books emphasize intuition. You might not have had a book tell you how natural many of the concepts behind the name “Calculus” are. The Deconstruct series is that book for every student who wants to—or has to—explore this subject we love. You’ll learn concepts before calculations and will understand rather than memorize. Second, Deconstruct books focus on you, the student (we provide answers to every question, examples are personal, problems are useful). Third, it’s DIY. You’ll be doing calculus, not just parroting equations and reciting theorems for a class. Fourth, the Deconstruct Series emphasizes collaboration. Calculus is better with friends.
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Pages: 369
Date Published: August 17, 2023
ISBN: 9781647754556
Author: Amy Langville
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