Day One: Deploy a Data Center Fabric with Apstra and Junos®

Adam Jarvis and Cantemir Olaru

Day One: Deploy a Data Center Fabric with Apstra and Junos®

Design, build, and deploy a robust EVPN/VXLAN data center fabric with Apstra in this book that focuses on Apstra, Juniper’s intent-based data center networking solution. Apstra takes high-level user objectives (intent) and coverts them into Juniper validated, best practice designs. Device configurations are automatically rendered from the design with no user input required. Once deployed, Apstra leverages closed-loop automation and assurance to provide a complete fabric management solution.

The authors provide a step-by-step design, deploy, and maintenence guide to Apstra. You will build a data center fabric and learn the highlights of intent-based networking. Filled with over 150 illustrations, as well as integration examples with Junos devices and external servers, this Day One book takes you right into the lab.

“This marvelous little book fills a much-needed niche for Juniper Apstra: A deep dive into how Apstra works without having to either attend formal training or work your way through the 1000+ page user manual. Presenting a single use case, Adam and Cantemir take you through Apstra from the basics to the subtle details in clear, easy-to- follow examples. If you are considering Apstra, this book gives you a concise first look. If you are a new Apstra user, this book is a perfect guide for coming up to speed." -- Jeff Doyle, Member of Apstra Technical Staff

“This book is the go-to resource for deploying fabrics with Juniper Apstra. It covers all the basics that you need to know about this new fabric management tool and its many examples are easy to follow with step-by-step screen captures. If you are new to Apstra you should definitely give this Day One book a read but it’s also a great reference book for the experienced user. I, for one, learned a great deal.” -- Christian Scholz, Senior Consultant, Axians

  • Understand Asptra’s design methodology.
  • Get to know the Apstra UI.
  • Design, build, and deploy your own EVPN/VXLAN data center fabric.
  • Perform basic administration tasks on a EVPN/VXLAN fabric via Apstra.

About the Authors
Adam Jarvis is a Juniper Networks Systems Engineer based in the United Kingdom. He is new to the technical pre-sales world but despite this is focused on leading network architecture and design initiatives for enterprise customers across the EMEA region. His main interest lies in the data center and network automation space.

Cantemir Olaru is a Consulting Sales Engineer with over 10 years of experience across Juniper Networks TAC, Professional Services, and Technical Pre-sales. He holds a JNCIE-SP certification and for most of his career has been designing and deploying data center networks worldwide for some of Juniper’s largest Enterprise and Financial Services customers.

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Pages: 155
Date Published: November 19, 2021
Author: Adam Jarvis and Cantemir Olaru
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