Design a Life You LOVE with Grace planner & workbook

Michele Rohde

Design a Life You LOVE with Grace planner & workbook

Your pile of planners stops here!

The Design a Life You LOVE (w/ grace) planner frees you from needing a different planner for each area of your life.

This planner is the only one youíll need all year to finally find balance & success in your:




Meal Planning

Prayer life


Harmony of your home

& more

The Design a Life You LOVE (w/ grace) planner includes worksheets & space to goal-set for every area of your life.

If youíve struggled in the past with knowing

-how to manage it all with less chaos

-where to find the joy in your life with greater frequency

-what will bring you more clarity, consistency & security

Then youíve finally found your solution here.

Included in your planner:

-Year at a glance

-Monthly calendar

-Weekly/Day calendar

-Lists, planners, note-sections, challenges & worksheets to bring clarity & purpose to every area of your life.

With a Christian influence, this planner will also allow you to spiritually reflect & receive in a number of ways. So many planners have been traditionally focused only on the self, self-control or have no depth at all, which is one of many reasons, we fail to effectively utilize them & see any real progress! This planner understands that while it is important to focus on what we can control, it is equally, if not considerably more, critical to understand where we need to surrender our control every day. The goal is to put you in touch with Godís will for your life, because that is where your many blessings & peace lives. Over the course of a year, youíll find your home, your rhythm & your joy with plenty of Godís grace.

Achieve your life-giving goals without the soul-sucking hustle. Design a life you LOVE with Grace.

Price: $45.00
Date Published: November 28, 2021
ISBN: 9781647755126
Author: Michele Rohde
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