First-Aid Guide for the Domestic Rabbit

Jody Springborn

First-Aid Guide for the Domestic Rabbit

When somebunny you love is sick, do you know what to do?

As anyone with pet rabbits can attest, even minor health issues with rabbits can escalate quickly, and acting quickly can mean the difference between life or death. But do you know what to do? To the rescue is this comprehensive guide to rabbit first aid--from bunny basics such as normal temperatures, diet, housing, and grooming to how to treat specific injuries and illnesses.

Written by Jody Springborn--educator with the House Rabbit Society, an international rabbit advocacy group --this informative, easy-to-read guide includes:

The must-have components of a rabbit first-aid kit
When to take your rabbit to the vet
How to take your bunny's temperature
How to perform a wellness check
How to give oral medication and liquid food
How to treat minor wounds
How to save a choking rabbit
How to deal with GI stasis
And more!

With helpful tips, illustrative photographs, and a plethora of information, the First Aid Guide for the Domestic Rabbit equips bunny lovers everywhere to handle any situation to ensure their pet rabbit stays healthy and happy.

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