Abiding Meditation Journal

Byron Parson

Abiding Meditation Journal

Prepare to embark on a journey through a multifaceted meditation on Jesus and unlock the eternal power, abundant resources, and everlasting joy that God offers, starting here and now.

This journal presents a community-focused approach to spiritual growth. It is designed for individuals who gather together with the shared intent of allowing the words of Christ to dwell within and among them.

The journal emphasizes the importance of combining reflection with intentional spiritual exercises. It is not meant to be used alone but as a companion to a unique meditation practice.

The journal provides a tangible space for reflection and growth. It facilitates the capturing and recording of thoughts and impressions received during moments of meditation.

The journal shows the way to a transformative journey through greater experiences of inner quietness and peace, enabling undivided attention to God's Word.

The journal enhances the depth and quality of the meditation experience, transitioning you from disconnected random thoughts to clear and coherent spiritual impressions.

The journal emphasizes the potential for personal and societal transformation by shifting small communities from being passive spectators of the changing world to active participants in its renewal and restoration.

The multifaceted reflections on God's words described in this journal reveal the potential for life-changing experiences through ever­deepening connection with God.

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Date Published: September 30, 2023
ISBN: 9798218257743
Author: Byron Parson
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