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Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional (Hard Cover)

Kathleen Schwab & Therese Kay

Messages from God is inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval church, spiritual books that were painstakingly hand-lettered, illustrated, and bound. This 21st century combination of poetic language and cutting edge photographic art and graphic design is organized into 30 individual readings which can be used as a five week daily devotional either personally or in a group study. The end of each section provides questions for personal journaling, further thought, or discussion.

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My kingdom expands the deeper you travel. You moved in deep, and expected to find eventually a sheltered and safe haven, a fireside to rest beside. Instead, My kingdom has open vistas, wide horizons, untamed wild and lovely places, where humans rarely venture. Sometimes I walk alone there, but I hope to draw some of My dear ones in. My Kingdom is the opposite of the natural world: the largest spaces are in the center. The further into Me you travel, the larger My kingdom becomes. The whole tree really is inside a seed. In the case of My kingdom, a whole forest, a whole world.

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Messages from God: An Illuminated Devotional (Hard Cover)

Price: $29.95
Date Published: September 1, 2017
Author: Kathleen Schwab & Therese Kay
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