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Lotus Domino Integration Guide for IBM Netfinity Servers

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Lotus Domino Integration Guide for IBM Netfinity Servers

The purpose of the Lotus Domino Integration Guide for IBM Netfinity Servers to provide a resource for describing the roles and capabilities of the IBM Netfinity Server platform running within the Lotus Domino environment. The book provides Notes network design and capacity planning recommendations in the following areas:
* Operating system
* Network protocol
* Server placement within your network
* Wide area network issues
* Replication schedules
* Server selection
* Server RAM
* Server disk space
* Server peripherals
Suggested installation and optimization settings for your server are discussed, along with methods to investigate
and solve performance bottlenecks on your server.

The Lotus Domino clustering technology is also outlined, which provides high availability and capacity solutions.

The simplicity with which these clusters can be configured, thus providing users not only with increased response
time, but also constant availability, is a key aspect of the Domino strategy and so is covered here in some depth.

This redbook will help those individuals who need to plan, tune, or size Lotus Domino for the IBM Netfinity servers
through detailed examples and scenarios. Particular attention has been paid to the proper size and performance
characteristics of various IBM Netfinity servers for disparate environments. Several tools that can aid in the sizing
of your servers are discussed, as well as industry-standard rules of thumb for configuring small, medium, and large-sized
Domino environments.

Some knowledge of Intel-based servers, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and network operating systems is assumed.
Price: $38.00 $30.00
Pages: 200
Date Published: December 2, 1998
ISBN: 0738412104
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-2102-02
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