Developing Applications with IBM FileNet P8 APIs

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Developing Applications with IBM FileNet P8 APIs

This IBM® Redbooks® publication can help you develop content and process management applications with IBM FileNet® APIs. The IBM FileNet P8 suite of products contains a set of robust APIs that range from core platform APIs to supporting application APIs. This book focuses specifically on Content Engine and Process Engine APIs.

Content Engine API topics that we discuss include creating, retrieving, updating, and deleting objects; querying and viewing documents; and batching and batch execution. We also explore more complex topics, including permissions and authorization, versioning, relationships, annotations, workflow subscriptions and event actions, metadata discovery, and dynamic security inheritance.

Process Engine API topics that we discuss include launching a workflow, searching for and processing work items, and working with process status. The more complex topics we cover include, Component Integrator application space, role, workbasket, resource navigation in Process Engine REST API, ECM Widgets, and building a custom Get Next In-basket widget.

To help you better understand programming with IBM FileNet APIs, we provide a sample application implemented for a fictional company. We include the data model, security model, workflows, and various applications developed for the sample. You can download them for your reference.

This book is intended for IBM FileNet P8 application developers. We recommend using this book in conjunction with the online ECM help.

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Date Published: December 30, 2009
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