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Domino 6 for iSeries Best Practices Guide

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Domino 6 for iSeries Best Practices Guide

This IBM Redbook is a collection of Domino 6 related topics that are important pieces of information and are either not covered in other documents or the existing information is outdated because it applies to older versions of Domino, such as Domino V5.x. As such, the topics vary widely and range from Domino deployment, performance monitoring and tuning, to Antivirus protection. This redbook complements and updates the content of existing redbooks, for example IBM Lotus Domino 6 for iSeries Implementation, SG24-6592 and Domino for iSeries Sizing and Performance Tuning, SG24-5162-01.

This book takes into account that there are two different type of Domino administrators and users: Users that come from the iSeries world and are implementing a Domino environment on their existing system with lots of iSeries experience. The other user type are experienced Domino administrators that are about to move or have moved their Domino environment to the iSeries from another platform.

Part 1 of this redbook covers Domino deployment, administration, and performance monitoring and tuning.

Part 2 describes the various backup and recovery methods that are available for Domino on iSeries and helps you to determine which backup and recovery strategy is right for you. Antivirus protection is also covered in part 2.

Part 3 teaches you what needs to be considered when sizing a Domino environment and how to use the IBM Eserver Workload Estimator.

Part 4 gives you a quickstart to use the Workload Estimator based on fictitious customer environments. It also helps you to solve some Domino performance problems and tells you what information you need to collect for Domino troubleshooting.
Price: $92.50 $74.00
Pages: 666
Date Published: August 6, 2004
ISBN: 0738453315
Author: IBM Redbooks
Product Number: SG24-6937-00
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