IBM IMS Version 10 Implementation Guide: A Technical Overview

IBM Redbooks

IBM IMS Version 10 Implementation Guide: A Technical Overview

This IBM Redbooks publication provides an overview of the new functions and enhancements in IBM Information Management System (IMS) Version 10. IBM continues to enhance IMS integration, manageability, and scalability.

IMS helps you with On Demand Business enablement, growth, availability, and systems management that current and newer environments and cost measures require. IMS Version 10 helps in addressing your On Demand Business needs through integration/openness, manageability, and scalability, providing:

- Integration with other products and platforms across the Internet, supporting open standards that benefit you, and taking best advantage of the latest industry tooling for application development and connectivity

- Manageability in staging users to autonomic computing, easing installation and use, eliminating and reducing outages, and minimizing the education curve for users of IMS

- Scalability with virtualization in assuring flexibility for growth and expansion in a heterogeneous environment while utilizing the latest hardware and software facilities to optimize performance, capacity, availability, and recovery

This book is intended for individuals who are migrating their IMS systems to IMS Version 10 and provides the essential necessary information.
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Date Published: December 19, 2007
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