IBM pSeries Certification Study Guide Update

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IBM  pSeries Certification Study Guide Update

IBM HACMP 5.X for AIX 5L (V5.1, V5.2, and the new HACMP 5.3) has introduced major changes to IBM’s well-proven high availability solution for IBM pSeries clusters. The changes include product usability enhancements, performance, and integration with IBM’s strategic On Demand initiative.

This IBM Redbook provides information for system administrators who want to implement high availability clusters with HACMP V5.X, upgrade an existing cluster to the latest version, or prepare for the HACMP V5.X certification exam to achieve IBM Certified Systems Expert - pSeries HACMP 5.X for AIX 5L.

The pSeries HACMP 5.X for AIX 5L certification validates the skills required to successfully plan, install, configure, and support an HACMP 5.X for AIX 5L cluster installation. The requirements for this include a working knowledge of:

- Hardware options
- AIX 5L parameters
- The cluster and resource configuration process
- Customization of the standard HACMP 5.X facilities
- Diagnosis and troubleshooting

This redbook helps AIX 5L professionals seeking a comprehensive and task-oriented guide for developing the knowledge and skills required for the certification. It is designed to provide a combination of theory and practical experience. Due to the practical nature of the certification content, this publication can also be used as a deskside reference.

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Date Published: February 17, 2006
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