IBM pSeries Sizing and Capacity Planning: A Practical Guide

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IBM  pSeries Sizing and Capacity Planning: A Practical Guide

This IBM Redbook offers a comprehensive guide to properly size and plan the capacity of IBM eServer pSeries systems. It discusses the major hardware, software, benchmarks, and various tools used in the sizing and capacity planning process.

This redbook is suitable for professionals who want to gain a better understanding of how to size pSeries products. It targets clients, sales and marketing professionals, technical support professionals, and IBM Business Partners.

Inside this redbook, you will find:

  • An introduction to pSeries sizing and capacity planning
  • A historical look at pSeries hardware components
  • A discussion of software components such as AIX and Linux
  • A review of industry standard benchmarks
  • A description of the Balanced System Guideline
  • A discussion of various sizing tools that are available
  • Information about performing application-specific sizing
  • A review of the various data gathering tools used for capacity planning

This redbook is intended as an additional source of information that, together with existing sources referenced throughout this document, enhances your knowledge of IBM solutions for the UNIX marketplace.
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Pages: 564
Date Published: March 9, 2004
ISBN: 0738498904
Author: IBM Redbooks
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