Day One: Migrating EIGRP to OSPF

Jack W. Parks, IV

Day One: Migrating EIGRP to OSPF

“EIGRP has been the way that many small to medium networks have done things for years. As networks grow large, the very characteristics that made EIGRP once attractive begin presenting hard-to-troubleshoot performance problems. These scaling issues among other challenges eventually push network organizations to migrate to the open-standard, much more scalable OSPF. Jack Parks provides a clear, concise comparison of the two protocols and the guidelines needed to conduct a migration from EIGRP to OSPF.”
- Jeff Doyle, Author, IP Network Consultant, Jeff Doyle and Associates

Changing the Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) on a production network might seem like a daunting task but good pre-planning and a methodical implementation plan lets it go smoothly and without incident. This book provides you with the knowledge to make your migration a success. OSPF is the most ubiquitous IGP in use today by enterprise, government, and education networks because it provides the best blend of knowledgeable engineers, equipment interoperability, and networking scale. So migrating from EIGRP to OSPF isn’t a question of why. It’s a question of when.

Day One: Migrating EIGRP to OSPF helps you to:
  • Understand the fundamental differences between EIGRP and OSPF.
  • Use discovery techniques to document routing information and map out the network.
  • Evaluate routing policy and its function in the network.
  • Verify the proper operation of the IGP.
  • Migrate the network IGP from EIGRP to OSPF.
  • Add Juniper Networks devices to the existing network.
About the Author
Jack W. Parks, IV is a Sr. Systems Engineer with Juniper Networks. He is certified in both Juniper Networks and Cisco as JNCIP-M #991 and CCIE R&S #11685. Jack’s industry knowledge spans more than 17 years with 10 years in Service Provider and Enterprise Routing.
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