Day One: Advanced IPv6 Configuration

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Day One: Advanced IPv6 Configuration

Day One: Advanced IPv6 Configuration is the second book in the Junosģ Networking Technologies Series on IPv6. The first book, Day One: Exploring IPv6, introduced all the basics of configuring an IPv6 enabled LAN: interface addressing, static routes, neighbor discovery, and IGP routing. Now youíre ready to complete the configuration and testing tasks required to enable BGP routing in your network. Youíll learn how to set up both Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP) and External Border Gateway Protocol (EBGP) with IPv6, and how to leverage native IPv6 peering. Youíll also learn how to test and verify your IPv6 BGP configurations. So roll up your sleeves and letís get to work.

"This book is a fantastic tutorial on configuring and testing BGP routing with IPv6 on your network. Itís completely hands-on. It also covers native IPv6 peering and how to advertise IPv6 routes over IPv4 peering sessions. Highly recommended."
Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist, Hurricane Electric

  • Configure BGP for IPv6, including IBGP and EBGP using Junos.
  • Understand the use of the IPv6 NLRI in MP-BGP.
  • Verify the proper operation of IPv6 BGP peering.
  • Use VRRP for IPv6 to add redundancy and quicker failover.
  • Implement CoS on an IPv6 network.
  • Explain the basics of Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD).
  • Understand the wide variety of options available for systems management in IPv6.
  • Set up a production IPv6 network based on the success of your testbed and the results and feedback that testbed provides.

  • Chris Grundemann specializes in the design, implementation, and operation of large IP, Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet networks and is deeply involved in the policy and politics surrounding internetworking and the Internet. He is JNCIE-M #449 and is currently engaged with tw telecom inc., where he is responsible for leading technology efforts toward the evaluation, design, implementation, and maintenance of existing and next-generation technologies. Chris is the author of Day One: Exploring IPv6 and he is the founding Chair of CO ISOC, the Colorado chapter of the Internet Society, and an elected member of the ARIN Advisory Council (AC). Chris is the founding editor of Burning With The Bush, a Juniper Networks focused news and information site, as well as The IPv6, a site dedicated to connecting folks with IPv6 experts and expert information. He also maintains a personal weblog ( aimed towards Internet related posts typically focusing on network operation and design, tech-policy, and the future of the Internet.
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    Date Published: April 15, 2011
    Author: Chris Grundemann
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