Soulful Women:Mythic Life Course

Devaa Haley Mitchell, Elayne Kalila Doughty, & Guest Faculty

Soulful Women:Mythic Life Course

Soulful Women: Mythic Life Course

Living a Bigger, Brighter, More Meaningful Life

A 17-Session Dive into the Divine Feminine with a Global Community of Spiritual Sisters Normal Price $497, Current discount price is $397

Are you ready to:

*Connect more deeply to your spiritual self to create greater depth and meaning?

*Rediscover parts of yourself that have been dormant?

*Align your life with your true purpose and offer your greatest gifts so you can transform the world?

*Feel more alive, juicy, and empowered?

*Connect to others, your “soul sisters,” who understand what drives you and feeds your soul? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Introducing the Soulful Women: Mythic Life Course

Imagine how it would feel to recapture the authentic, juicy, soulful woman you ARE, and to share it with others. Imagine feeling filled up from the inside out - filled with abundance, clarity, and self-acceptance. These are the fruits of the Soulful Women Mythic Life Course, which distills some of the most important teachings from our Women’s Wisdom School, which represents a long lineage of initiated women.

Over a number of years working with women from all walks of life and various countries, we’ve found that our fabulous, powerful, and feminine radiance can be accessed through activating 13 different aspects, or archetypes, of the feminine.

For virtually all of us, we have more access to certain of these archetypes, while other aspects are areas for growth. For example, the Great Mother invites us to welcome the unknown, while the Goddess of Love invites us to open deeply to our own pleasure. The Initiator asks us to be willing to shatter illusions and speak our truths, while the Muse beckons us to our magical child.

In welcoming the fullness of our feminine spirit as represented by these archetypes, we develop a powerful set of tools to create radiant, magical lives and step into our true destiny path. We are resourced with a full palette of colors to paint the canvas of our lives and make our unique contribution to the planet. And we have a great time doing it!

In this course, we are weaving together ancient, mystical teachings about the feminine with some very modern-day wisdom from some of today’s brightest lights. Guest faculty include Ariel Spilsbury, author of the 13 Moon Oracle whose work deeply inspired the content of this course. Marci Shimoff, bestselling author will share the secrets to her personal success and happiness. And dream-manifestation guru Marcia Wieder will be holding a mini-workshop on designing and creating an inspired life. An amazing lineup, not to be missed!

This program is put together in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step program so you can effortlessly integrate it into your life.

And while there’s a lot of personal growth material out there, there’s NOT many in-depth, systematic programs for women that are designed to reconnect you with the bright spark of your own spirit and sustain it over time.

Isn’t it time to finally live into your full potential? To make the big difference in your world you yearn to make? To stop the stressful cycle of dis-ease and live happier and healthier lives? To honor your body and your soul’s purpose? To feel part of a community that’s dedicated to standing in feminine power and transforming the world?

Benefits of Participating in this Program

*Enjoy a sense of deep meaning and renewal by establishing and sustaining a direct connection to spirit.

*Uncover 13 key facets of your feminine spirit to step into the bigger story of your life.

*Cultivate a community of sisters who offer friendship, feedback and support through both good and hard times.

*Learn tools of manifestation so you can offer your deepest gifts to the world and create the life of your dreams.

*Explore 13 different archetypes or faces of the Divine Feminine to understand the places where you already SHINE and also those places where you could grow and stretch into new aspects of yourself.

*Practice reading the symbolic world and how to “know” from deep inside what direction to take, which decision to make, or the solution to a problem.

*Expand your ability to show up as a sensual being in the world (yes, this is part of being an inspiring woman!)

*Enliven your hearts by noticing and creating beauty all around us

*Heal core wounds that keep you living small and stepping into your radiance as an empowered goddess leader!

*Gain the ability to track and shift group energy in leading your own meetings, so you are more tuned-in to dynamics that could otherwise sabotage groups.

*Take time so slow down and de-stress, so you can enjoy the many fruits of your life.

*Unleash your unlimited creativity and apply it to your projects.

*Learn to follow your joy! Practice spending more time cultivating those things that make you smile - just because it feels GREAT!

Course Curriculum:

Each class is built around one cross-cultural feminine archetype, from which we draw insights, healings, learnings, and power.

Week One - The Great Mother: Feed the Feminine First

Week Two - The Compassionate One: Cultivate Self-Acceptance

Week Three - The Mystic: Develop Your Intuition - with guest faculty Sonia Choquette

Week Four - The Liberator: Free Yourself from Limitation

Week Five - The Creatrix: Deepen your Magnetic Power

Week Six - The Muse: Unleash your Creativity

Week Seven - Goddess of Love: Immerse in Your Abundance - with guest faculty Mama Gena

Week Eight - The Wild Woman: Free Your Instinctual Passion

Week Nine - The Initiator: Wise use of Power

Week Ten - The Wise Woman: Listen to your Heart Wisdom - with guest faculty Luisah Teish

Week Eleven - The Visionary: 12 Ways to be a 21st Century Leader - with guest faculty Marcia Wieder

Week Twelve - The Queen of Death: The Art of Letting Go

Week Thirteen - The Alchemist: Embody Yourself as a Potent, Integrated Leader!

Week Fourteen - Celebrate Our Success!

Bonus Sessions:

*Happy for No Reason - with Marci Shimoff

*The Passion Test - Maximizing Your Gifts for a Passionate Life - with Janet Attwood

*Working with Archetypes and Stepping into The Bigger Story of Your Life - with Ariel Spillsbury

What You’ll Receive in this Program:

*Recordings of fourteen 90-minute class sessions, including interactive exercises on the phone plus question and answer time

*Recordings of Three Bonus Classes with Guest Faculty.

*PDF transcripts for each class session

*Handouts and “home play” assignments for each class session

Price: $397.00
Pages: 510
Date Published: February 9, 2012
Author: Devaa Haley Mitchell, Elayne Kalila Doughty, & Guest Faculty
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