This Week: A Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX, AND T Series

Antonio Sánchez-Monge

This Week: A Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX, AND T Series

One of the most exciting advantages of ping is its ability to uncover details of the internal architecture of M/MX/T-Series routers. In Antonio Sanchez-Monge’s new book, ping becomes a tourist guide that takes you on a packet walkthrough and provides you with a new perspective of the device architecture. The author shows you, in detail, that ping is a surprisingly flexible resource for feature testing, design, operation, and troubleshooting. Here is a book brimming with valuable information for troubleshooting the interactions between different components inside a router, with unique usage applications for both large and small network operators.

"It's not a trivial task to troubleshoot or monitor the healthiness of today's modern IP/MPLS network – yet here is a remedy using simple, basic tools. Once you go through this book you will be amazed at the impressive results you can get out of ping. This Week: A Complete Packet Walkthrough on the M, MX, and T Series should be essential reading for anyone who needs to quickly isolate and solve network issues."
Josef Buchsteiner, Distinguished Engineer, Juniper Networks

  • Record the life of a packet as it walks through a network in a single capture (the video camera).
  • Fully master the most universal and useful tools in the Internet: ping and traceroute.
  • Track and influence the path followed by a packet not only in a network, but also inside a router.
  • View the router as a set of functional components internally connected, and troubleshoot it very much like a real network.
  • Understand the architecture of the control and forwarding planes in Junos devices.
  • Better interpret link latency, reliability, and packet size tests.
  • Generate gigabit packet streams with a simple ping.
  • Perform all kinds of forwarding plane tests (including all Class of Service features) in a router with no network connections.
  • Apply your skills to IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS networks

  • About the Author
    Antonio “Ato” Sanchez Monge (JNCIE-M #222 and CCIE #13098) holds a MS in Physics and a BA in -from the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM). He joined Juniper Networks in 2004, where he is currently working in the Advanced Services team. He has also authored another book in this series, This Week: Deploying Multicast VPNs.
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