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Day One: vMX Up and Running

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Day One: vMX Up and Running

Get the vMX up and running in your lab on Ubuntuís Linux. Then build a sample topology and learn how to scale it. Itís fast and itís easy with the vMX.

This Day One book follows the lab setup and the configuration of Juniperís vMX Series 3D Universal Edge Router, running on Ubuntuís Linux, the vMX router that has been optimized to run as software on x86 servers. Like other physical MX routers, vMX runs the Junos OS, and the Trio chipset has been compiled for x86. This means the sophisticated Layer 2, Layer 2.5, and Layer 3 forwarding features of the Junos OS that you are used to using with the physical MX platform, are also present on the vMX.

From the first chapter on the architecture of the vMX ó which is key to understanding its sizing and licensing models ó to the actual setup and configuration, to the scaling of a sample topology, this book can help you get the vMX Series up and running in a day.

  • Understand the vMX router and be able to deploy the bookís use cases.
  • Build, configure, and deploy the vMX in your lab or production environments.
  • Scale an instance of vMX.
  • License vMX for a lab or production deployment.
  • Troubleshoot vMX installation and deployment issues.

"After reading this book I could effortlessly create a large service provider network using over a dozen vMX routers, despite the fact that I have never touched either KVM or the vMX before. This Day One book on vMX provides a detailed and fun walkthrough of several scenarios, equipping you with a foundation to start building your own networks and labs. Itís smart and to the point." ó Said van de Klundert, Sr. Network Engineer, Interconnect

"The ultimate book to guide you through your first steps into the future of Networking. The book is a clear guide for engineers of all levels looking to introduce vMX in the Lab or Production Network. Not only will it answer most of your questions about vMX but also covers the configuration. A highly recommended book.Ē ó Elliot Townsend, ďUK&I 2015 Juniper SE of the Year?, Axians

About the Author:
Matt Dinham is an independent consulting Network Engineer/Architect based in the UK, and a Juniper Ambassador. Matt has over 15 years experience working within Enterprise and Service Provider environments (public & private sector), and is certified CCIE #16387 (R&S, SP). Find Matt on Twitter: @mattdinham.

Price: $16.00
Pages: 92
Date Published: March 7, 2016
Author: Matt Dinham
Part Number: V4081709303
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