We Walk Beside You Animal Message Cards

Sandra Mendelson

We Walk Beside You Animal Message Cards

The We Walk Beside You Animal Message Cards deck contains 52 cards, each with a unique channeling from the member of the animal kingdom featured on the card. Included are animals of the land, sea and air, both wild and domestic, in body and in spirit, as they have all lovingly stepped forward to share what humans don’t know about navigating life more easily in our complex world.

The insights were transmitted and hand selected by Sandra Mendelson, author of the book We Walk Beside You. The deck is a companion to the book, and a powerful tool to help you absorb animal wisdom into your life bit by bit. The animals specifically show you how to see the beauty in – and take better care of – yourself and others, trust yourself by listening to your body’s system of alerts and warnings, gain a deeper, more comforting understanding of life’s challenges and timing, realize the “bigger picture” and flow of life, and utilize the exquisite power of your own thoughts and intentions to create the life and world you dream of. .

Choosing a card at random will bring you the message you need. It doesn’t matter how long you take to absorb it; there is no rush to the rest of your life.
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Date Published: September 19, 2017
ISBN: 600685974469
Author: Sandra Mendelson
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