Day One: Junos Fusion Data Center Up and Running

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Day One: Junos Fusion Data Center Up and Running

Everything you need to know to deploy Junos Fusion Data Center: how to architect, manage, and operate it, and how it compares to other fabric technologies. Bridge the gap between theory and production networks today.

Junos Fusion Data Center represents a significant leap forward in the evolving technology of Ethernet fabric architectures that can manage large numbers of switches and Ethernet ports. Day One: Junos Fusion Data Center Up and Running gets you started with the technical underpinnings and components of Junos Fusion, and then follows you into the lab to get it up and running. After a few chapters you will have achieved connectivity between hosts, servers, racks, and infrastructure, with all the scalability and ease of management that today’s modern data centers need to compete. It’s day one and you have a data center to build. .

“Modern data center architectures change about as often as the seasons. With virtualization and SDN at the center of it all, you need a scalable, agile solution. Stefan Fouant takes you on a journey through implementing the Junos Fusion Data Center architecture that can solve these modern-day challenges. His technically sound writing style and years of experience make it all seem easy, and he lays out a straight-forward configuration path that would make the Wizard of OZ jealous.” — Scott Ware, Security Engineer, Juniper Ambassador, GSEC, JNCIS-SEC, JNCDA

  • Understand the basic principles of modern day data centers and why fabric architectures are increasingly important.
  • Understand the concepts of underlay and overlay and how Junos Fusion Data Center fits into the equation.
  • Understand how Junos Fusion compares to Virtual Chassis and Virtual Chassis Fabric, and when to deploy Junos Fusion Data Center.
  • Understand the basic terminology and components of a Junos Fusion Data Center.
  • Configure a Junos Fusion Data Center using either a single aggregation device or multiple aggregation devices, and learn how to add satellites into the topology.
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of a Junos Fusion Data Center, including verification of satellite status, upgrading software on satellites, and removing satellites from the topology.
  • Connect to hosts in a Junos Fusion Data Center and take advantage of advanced concepts such as VLAN Autosensing and Uplink Failure Detection.

About the Author
Stefan Fouant is a Sales Engineer with Copper River Information Technology with over 19 years of experience in the Service Provider and network security industries. He is a Juniper Ambassador and has worked with Juniper technologies since the inception of the M40 in 1998. He holds several patents in the area of DDoS detection and mitigation and is a co-author of drafts within the IETF DOTS working group relating to standardized signaling of coordinated DDoS attack filtering and mitigation mechanisms. He is a quadruple JNCIE (SP/ENT/SEC/DC), and a co-author of Day One: Juniper Ambassadors Cookbook 2017. Find Stefan on Twitter: @sfouant and also check out his blog at
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