Cakewalk The Science of Happy (Full Color Gift Book with French Flaps)

Cj Staples & Lily Ness

Learn how to attract, live, and walk your own Awesome CAKEWALK!

Get the new book “Cakewalk – The Science of Happy” about the Law of Attraction for Teens and Tweens!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you understood a Universal Law that made you look at life with ease and fun, and you understood that even in the hardest of times, life is working out for you? This little book is full of stories, information, and exercises that will help you understand this Universal Law – The Law of Attraction.

You’re invited to Cakewalk into Awesome!

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Price: $15.95
Pages: 150
Date Published: May 1, 2018
Author: Cj Staples & Lily Ness
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