Cj Staples & Lily Ness
About Lily Ness

Lily, 17, is a student at Westonka High School in Mound, MN. She loves photography or anything else that involves being creative, and hopes to pursue her creative endeavors in college after graduation.

She lives with her Mom, Dad, and Sister Dalaney, as well as with their two boxers, Hazel and Zeus.

Lily has always been a glass half-full kind of person, so when she started studying LOA it explained a lot. She has studied Abraham Hicks-Law of attraction for about five years now, where she learned how to look at life in a whole new positive way. She hopes this book will be a way for young people to understand, and relate LOA to their real life, so they can apply it to make life and situations lighter.

About Cj Staples

Cj is a Certified Life Coach, “Joyful Living Coach” and has a passion for personal growth and development. She loves empowering others to live their best lives. She has always been interested in how and why we do the things we do, and discovering how to change the patterns that do not assist or allow us to live amazing lives.

Cj has studied Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction for more than 16 years, as well as the teachings of many other brilliant individuals.

She lives in Minnesota with her husband Jeremiah, who is a chiropractor and also a lover of learning, so overall mental and physical health and wellness is how they play in their daily lives.

– Oh, and so is having Fun!
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