#WhyAmIYelling? Because...Relationships

Krista Rizzo, CPC

#WhyAmIYelling? Because...Relationships

The 5 essentials you need to successfully maintain all of the relationships in your life (without yelling)

Navigating relationships just got a whole lot easier thanks to Transformational Life Coach, Krista Rizzo. In her debut book, Krista shares her own personal experiences and learning lessons that lead her to establish the 5 essentials for every relationship. Krista's inspiration for this book came in the form of her adolescent son. One summer a few years ago she was watching his interaction with his friends and she decided to write about it. What began as book filled with stories quickly turned into so much more. Krista realized that she needed to talk about how we form our relationships, how we keep them and sometimes how we have to let them go. This book is full of love, life and experiences starting from birth. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you might "yell" as you relate to some of her stories.

Price: $16.95
Pages: 200
Date Published: November 15, 2018
ISBN: 9781732857223
Author: Krista Rizzo, CPC
PRE-ORDER Expected Ship Date November 15, 2018
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