The Sunlight Sonny System

Kevin W. Reese, PhD

The Sunlight Sonny System

The Sunlight Sonny System is a fun and educational program that uses the Children's Health Hero, Sonny, as an engaging tool to teach and inspire children 6 years old and under to understand the importance of fruits & vegetables. Parents, teachers, or trained caregivers simply follow each lesson plan over the course of 8 days and administer the exercises. At the end, each child receives a Sonny Buddy Certification.

Each system comes with the Sunlight Sonny children's book, the 8-lesson curriculum binder, and a flash drive with audio files of Sonny talking to the kids. The flash drive also contains original music, the 8-lesson curriculum in PDF format, and the audio version of the book.

ETS Health Inc 501(c)(3) is a non profit organization. All purchases of the Sunlight Sonny System go toward production, operations, and a future mobile app to better execute the system. Please visit to learn more about our organization.
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Date Published: July 16, 2019
Author: Kevin W. Reese, PhD
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