Day One: Deploying Junos® Timing and Synchronization

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Day One: Deploying Junos® Timing and Synchronization

Synchronization requirements are becoming more stringent and widely spread with the advent of 5G technologies and services such as High Accuracy Positioning as well as applications like Autonomous Vehicles that require precise synchronization. Learn more about these critical applications and Junos timing solutions using PTP and SyncE.

Day One: Deploying Junos® Timing and Synchronization provides a detailed overview of timing and synchronization with an insight on the underlying technologies and how Junos (and Junos EVO) can help the reader with the configurations for various deployments. From clocks to packets to network design, this book is a complete journey into the synchronization issues of modern networks, and uniquely, how to configure, debug, and troubleshoot most of them. It’s all here with compact descriptions, configuration samples, and a hundred illustrations. .

“Definitely, a must have book into the nuances of timing and synchronous Ethernet. It can help anyone gain basic knowledge of PTP and SyncE to seamlessly deploy Timing solutions” - Prashanth A S, Software Engineering Sr Director, Juniper Networks .

“Timing is an all-important function for 5G rollout and Satheesh takes the reader from basics to configuration and troubleshooting SyncE and PTP using various network topology use cases. It’s a must-read book for everyone who needs to understand Junos timing functionality and how it works across Juniper product lines.” - Vijay Kulkarni, Software Engineering Director, Juniper Networks.

“Timing and synchronization have stringent requirements for 5G networks, the transport networks, and mobile carriers. This book is coming out at an opportune time and Satheesh covers the entire gamut, from the basics of synchronization, to the various deployment models and support on Juniper devices, to listing all the various standards and specifications. This is a valuable addition to the Day One library.” - Sharath Kaggundi, Software Engineer Staff, Juniper Networks.

  • The various applications of synchronization and their requirements.
  • Synchronous Ethernet technology and how to work with various configuration options and failover scenarios.
  • How PTP works with various profile configurations and advantage of one profile over other.
  • Clock advertisement across the network and how the network handles failover scenarios.
  • Design and deploying the devices in various use cases.
  • Configuring, verifying, debugging, and troubleshooting basic issues.
  • Packet decodes of various PTP packets, which will enable deeper analysis of the various options and attributes that are used in PTP communications.
About the Author

Satheesh Kumar S is a Software Engineer Sr Staff with Juniper Networks, Bangalore, India. He has over 18 years of experience across multiple domains L1/L2/L3 technologies, Timing and Synchronization and MEF features. He is MEF3.0-CECP-D certified. He has published a few IEEE papers in the international conferences in the area of Timing and Synchronization and has authored/co-authored 3 US patents. He has extensive experience in the solution validation, design, analyze, and debug in the Synchronization area. In his spare time, he tries to read and understand on emerging technologies and also enjoys spending time with his family. He holds a Master of Technology in Optical Communications. Aside from Juniper Networks, he worked at Ericsson and Ciena corporation. This Day One book is an attempt to share the Timing and Synchronization expertise with readers.

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Date Published: October 21, 2020
Author: Satheesh Kumar S
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