Creating Positive Habits Journal: Embracing a Grateful Attitude

Lori Jackson

The Creating Positive Habits Journal is a comprehensive guide to help you embrace a more grateful attitude. It is easy to take for granted the things we love the most, and the challenges in life often make it difficult to see anything positive. Five minutes a day will help you create deep and meaningful connections about how to gain a more positive perspective and understand the vital link between gratitude and happiness.
  • Each daily spread features inspirational quotes and space to record your daily gratitude and accomplishments as well as a thoughtful writing prompt. The insightful prompts are designed to help you reflect on positive change and encourages a focus on the positive.
  • This journal also includes additional pages to record goals, action items, and progress along the way. Use it as a tool to refocus your energy and maintain motivation and momentum. There is also a journal page at the end to write about what you learned! and create a plan moving forward.
  • Start today by taking the time to remind yourself of what truly matters, and recognize how much you have to be thankful. Pick up an additional copy as a gift for a friend, and then you can share the journey!
Price: $16.99
Date Published: November 9, 2019
ISBN: 9781647752286
Author: Lori Jackson
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