Day One: Routing in Fat Trees (RIFT)

Melchior Aelmans, Olivier Vandezande, Bruno Rijsman, Jordan Head, Christian Graf, Leonardo Alberro, Hitesh Mali, Oliver Steudler

Day One: Routing in Fat Trees (RIFT)

A complete look at the cutting edge protocol. The need for a radical new approach to data center IP fabric routing resulted in a ‘from the ground up’ designed protocol that leverages the best of existing protocols and solutions to challenges that couldn’t be solved. RIFT is ready to take on the new challenges that will come to the data center: it’s scalable, it’s an open standard, and it’s designed for a variety of new use cases. This book will help you understand RIFT and provide design, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting guidance.

“A new routing protocol from the IETF is always an event. There are so few of them; and this one is loaded with innovations that make it especially suitable for the anisotropic nature of modern data center networks. I wish RIFT all the success of its predecessors, and hope to see the day when all major vendors and open source distributions provide their own interoperable implementation. Working with extraordinary people like Bruno and Tony was an incredibly enriching experience, and a lot of fun. Many thanks, guys!” - Pascal Thubert, Cisco Systems

“RIFT is specifically engineered for data center fabric underlay routing. While RIFT is a modern routing protocol, it’s carefully built from well-established concepts such as distance vector and link state protocols. It’s built with zero touch provisioning (day 1), zero touch maintenance (day 2), and security, all integral to the protocol. Authors have done a fabulous job covering implementation of the protocol at different levels of the network, all the way up to hosts. This book will show you how to get your fabric networking to a better place with a transparent, optimized underlay.” - Arun Viswanathan, VP Engineering Routing, Juniper Networks

“RIFT is designed from the ground up as a means to redefine data center routing. It includes advanced features, self-optimizations, and it fills the voids left by other routing protocols. RIFT could be an autonomous all-in-one routing solution for enterprise to hyper-scale data centers. Thanks to the standards community for recognizing and contributing towards RIFT as a standard.” - Alankar Sharma, Comcast

  • Get to know all the ins and outs of the new RIFT protocol.
  • Install and configure RIFT on various platforms.
  • Understand both Juniper and open source RIFT implementations.
  • Review key design considerations using RIFT from key professionals.

Melchior Aelmans is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks, where he has been working with many operators on the design and evolution of their networks. He has over 15 years of experience in various operations, engineering, and systems engineering positions with Cloud Providers, Data Centers and Service Providers. Melchior enjoys evangelizing and discussing routing protocols, routing security, internet routing and peering and data center routing. He participates in IETF and RIPE and is a regular attendee and presenter at other conferences and meetings, and is a board member at the NLNOG foundation.

Olivier Vandezande is a Resident Engineer working for Juniper Advanced Services in Switzerland. He has more than 20 years of consulting with hands-on experience as a consultant for Professional Services with a track record of delivering projects from consulting, design to execution helping Enterprise and Service Provider customers understand, design, configure, test, automate and troubleshoot a wide range of network related technologies. His diverse practical experience is underpinned by top industry awarded certifications. Olivier initially started his career as a software developer on OpenVMS platform.

Bruno Rijsman is a network and software architect with over 25 years of experience in technical and leadership roles at network equipment vendors, most recently Juniper Networks. He has worked on the implementation of a broad range of networking software, including several routing protocols, MPLS, software defined networking, broadband subscriber management, video streaming, and others. He currently spends his time on open source software development (including the open source implementation of RIFT described in this book) and quantum networking (

Jordan Head is a Senior Resident Engineer working for Juniper Advanced Services designing, supporting, and automating service provider networks in the United States. His career started at Amazon Web Services in 2008, working for teams that designed, deployed, and automated both the data center and network infrastructure that underpin existing cloud services. Jordan went on to other cloud and service providers to help solve challenges that are presented by operating and automating networks at such a scale.

Christian Graf is Senior Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks. He started 25 years ago as Project-Manager covering Planning and Installation of Network-Infrastructure and moving towards the Enterprise as Systems Engineer. Since many years Christian is assigned to Tier-1 and Tier-2 Service-Provider Core and Edge networks looking into all kinds of MPLS-VPNs, fast convergence, High-Availability, Segment-Routing, IP-Fabrics and virtualization.

Hitesh Mali is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper who has a love for network designing and enjoys experimenting with various emerging networking technologies. Hitesh has spent the last decade helping Cable MSO (Multiple System Operators) in building network solutions.

Leonardo Alberro is a Professor and Master Student at Universidad de la República in Montevideo, Uruguay, where he has been working on research and development projects in the networking area. After finishing his engineering degree in the networking and security area, he started working in data center networking. His master thesis is focused on routing scalability in massive data centers. Leonardo enjoys teaching the basic concepts of computer networking to the future computer engineers at the Universidad de la República.

Oliver Steudler is a Consulting Engineer at Juniper Networks responsible for Service Providers in Switzerland and Austria. As a seasoned professional with 20+ years of experience in networking he has co-authored two books on network security published by Syngress (now Elsevier).

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Date Published: December 18, 2020
Author: Melchior Aelmans, Olivier Vandezande, Bruno Rijsman, Jordan Head, Christian Graf, Leonardo Alberro, Hitesh Mali, Oliver Steudler
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