JCAHO is Coming!

Dr. Ed Tori

JCAHO is Coming!

This little book captures the eye-popping concern, the uvula-revealing shouts, and the long, arduous meetings. Written in a kids book, rhyming style, JCAHO is Coming! is a quick read.

Your JCAHO survey doesn’t have to be that bug-eyed, red-faced, caffeine-fest that it is. You can use the subtle, tasteful humor that JCAHO is Coming! brings to:
• Enhance and strengthen your leadership position.
• Make your coworkers day right at a moment that they are thinking about walking out.
• Unwind before a meeting.
• Laugh with your coworkers when the survey is over.
• Pull out JCAHO is Coming! for a humorous break in the middle of a long meeting.
• Have your hospital CEO read JCAHO is Coming! at the next hospital holiday party.

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Date Published: March 27, 2021
ISBN: 9781647753443
Author: Dr. Ed Tori
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