Cards for Joy

Amy Watson

Cards for Joy

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration or direction to get you going.

Cards for Joy is a gorgeous deck full of thoughts and challenges to get you moving forward.

Each card has a beautiful background drawn by Caleigh Hynes featuring soothing beach scenes. Just picking them up and looking at them will give you an immediate mood boost.

But the best part is that you will have messages hand crafted for you by loss mom and coach, Amy Watson. Shes been through both stillbirth and miscarriage and now uses her own experiences and expertise to help you find true joy after babyloss.

You will feel supported and inspired as you pick a card each week and focus on bringing it into your daily life. Youll be much more peaceful after a year of this practice.

Or you can pick one on a hard day and be immediately lifted.

We spend so much time on our phones, but theres something special about holding a card in your hand and placing it where you can see and read it over and over.

This deck also makes a great gift!

Place your order now and youll be on your way to rediscovering your joy in no time.

Price: $24.99
Date Published: August 23, 2021
ISBN: 9781647754259
Author: Amy Watson
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